Anna Hi I am Anna, (on the left)

I founded SiteLine Productions Ltd in 2010, four years after graduating from Birmingham School of Acting.
My idea was to use unconventional spaces that inspire us and create something special for the people who use that space.

Since I can remember my sister, brother and I were creating entertainment and laughter.... more laughter, (admittedly it often resulted in myself being dressed as a reindeer in front of the family!) But never the less here is where the passion started.

So leaving my reindeer days behind (temporarily!) I headed off to drama school where I met and forged friendships with some of the most talented people in my life today. A large number of them, I am pleased to say, are working with me for SiteLine Productions.

During my early acting career, I had the good fortune to work for some of the leading Theatre in Education companies, here my desire to inspire a new generation of creative thinkers really took hold and we are pleased to offer quality workshops that aim to be accessible to all!

Theatre & high quality entertainment has always been accessible to me. My goal for SiteLine is to bring those experiences to a ‘space near you’. No frills, pretensions or preconceptions, just pure entertainment and learning served up to conjure a unique, enjoyable lasting experience.


Tom Hello, my name is Tom and I write/produce/act (when they let me) for SiteLine Productions Ltd.

I live in Streatham Hill with my delicious wife Polly and keep myself busy writing and being verbose. 

Working for SiteLine Productions Ltd is a real joy as the companies invention and ambition knows no bounds.

I believe whole heartedly in the companies approach and desire to bring entertaining, accessible theatre to an audience who weren't expecting to find it there. You've got to admit that's exciting!