After School Drama Clubs

Designed to encourage & develop children’s performance & communication skills as they create & explore themes through:

  • Song
  • Roles and Situations through Acting
  • Movement & Dance
  • Music
  • Speech
  • Text - Modern & Classical
  • Team work
  • Exploration of GCSE & ‘A’ Level English Literature text
  • GCSE & ‘A’ Level support in Drama & Performing Arts subjects

Classes are centred around a fun theme that our experienced leader has devised. The group then take ownership of the performance as they build the play week by week.

Workshops for 11-15 & 16-18 year olds work in much the same way. The focus can be moved to assist pupils studying for GCSE & ‘A’ Level English or P/Arts

  • Text analysis: fun and physical exploration of literature material.
  • Support & guidance towards achieving GCSE & ‘A’ Level Drama/ Performing Arts

Drama club members have the opportunity to experience end of term performances where appropriate (at no additional charge). These workshops & performances are designed to:

  • Develop Confidence
  • Group Interaction Skills
  • English Language & Literature
  • Performance & Public Speaking Skills
  • Sense of Personal Achievement